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Is Staging a Home Actually Worth It?

I get asked this question all of the time. Considering I am a stager, I am sure you know what I am going to say 😂 But seriously, as someone who has staged several homes, from before listing to being called in after listed (for homes that have been just sitting on the market) I have seen it all. Here are a few benefits that staging offers:

  • Let’s start with listing photos. That’s the first impression your home makes on potential buyers, before they even step foot inside. Your listing will stand out and most likely move up the list of homes to see asap. And can I tell you a little insider secret? Realtors love to show the staged homes that will “show well.” The way to be in that category is with well photographed staged listing photos.

  • What happens when your home is on the top of the list for homes to see? A lot of the time it will drive traffic to your home and many more potential buyers, creating a multiple offer situation. You know what that means…

  • Higher offers! Even if you aren’t in a multiple offer situation, studies show that homes sell for up to 20% higher in some areas when they are staged.

  • Studies also show that staged homes can sell up to 80% faster. Does anybody like listing and having to wait for their home to sell? Didn’t think so..

  • Homeowners are already overwhelmed getting ready to sell a home, having a professional come in and tell you what can be packed up and what can stay can be a huge weight off of seller’s shoulders.

So what do you think, is staging worth it to you?

In my next post I will create a list of how to get ready for a stage as a homeowner to make sure you have a smooth staging. See ya then!


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